Amazone Catros 6001 with Fahrgestell v1.0

The Amazone Catros 6001 is a solid disc harrow, which are particularly well suited for stubble and seedbed preparation. The harrow has a working width of 6 meters and requires at least 180 hp. With the Catros 6001 a working speed of up to 18 km / h. More details, it has purchase price is 68,500 €, daily upkeep fees 68 € / day and it can be washable as well.



amazone-catros-6001-fahrgestell-1 amazone-catros-6001-fahrgestell-2 amazone-catros-6001-fahrgestell-3 amazone-catros-6001-fahrgestell-4

Download Amazone Catros 6001 with Fahrgestell for FS 15: