Ball band v2.2

This is a reworked ball band for FS15, the old one has appeared in FS13. To use the belt, it must be coupled to a tractor, after that enter and go.

Version 2.2 has: Keyfix / Shopfix / Not countable

Credits: MythosofModding and Marhu


ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-1 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-2 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-3 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-4 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-5 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-6 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-7 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-8 ball-band-keyfix-nicht-fahrbar-9

Download Ball band Keyfix Nicht fahrbar for FS 15: