Cat Challenger and Cat Lexion Pack v1.0

This pack contains 6 tractors, 1 sprayer, 2 combines, and 1 header.

Tractors features:

  • IC controls (not all the tractors)
  • Open door (not all the tractors)
  • Can get dirty / washable
  • Lights, front and rear

Combine features:

  • Multicolor wheels
  • Get dirty and are washable
  • Lights

Header features:

  • Width: 45m
  • Gets dirty and washable

Sprayer features:

  • Standard script
  • Re-skin of Amazone Pantera
  • Gets dirty and washable

Credits: Ultimate Farmer


cat-challenger-cat-lexion-pack-1 cat-challenger-cat-lexion-pack-2 cat-challenger-cat-lexion-pack-3

Download Cat Challenger and Cat Lexion Pack for FS 15: