HeapTipTrigger v15.0.3

To use this mod, follow instruction:

  • Pressing [Left CTRL] then, the text appears in the help window.
  • The Heaptiptrigger is created using [Left CTRL] + [R].
  • For trailers with multiple charging options you can with [Left Ctrl] + [T] change the position at which the HeapTipTrigger to be created.
  • When harvesting equipment is automatically unloaded. Appears the case of trailers the Abkipp symbol and it can be quite normal unloaded with [Q].

Here is several main features of the mod:

  • Everywhere tilt, the Heaptiptrigger can be created by harvesters, trailers, hackers and blades.
  • For trailers with unloading and Continue automatically new Heaptiptrigger is created.
  • Fill types: wheat barley rape maize chaff dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow manure silage fertilizer seeds potato sugarbeet woodchips
  • Capacity: 48000L
  • When removing the vehicle braked (resistance) is
  • Level indicator is displayed when player is in Trigger

V15.0.3 change log:

  • Fixed bugs
  • Small improvements
  • Added fillType forage and mixing forage


Credits: Heady


heaptiptrigger-1 heaptiptrigger-2 heaptiptrigger-3 heaptiptrigger-4 heaptiptrigger-5 heaptiptrigger-6 heaptiptrigger-7 heaptiptrigger-8 heaptiptrigger-9

Download HeapTipTrigger for FS 15: