Krone Ultima CF 155 XC v2.0

Here is a little description about the Ultima Series of Krone to let you guys know the important role in our farming jobs: Ultima® is the world’s first baler wrapper that continues collecting crop while the finished bale is being net wrapped and transferred to the film wrapper. This non-stop operation is attributed the unique pre-compression chamber technology. On the wrapper, the net-wrapped bales are film wrapped and unloaded on the move. Ultima® puts out up to 50 % more bales per hour than established round baler wrappers. The semi-variable bale chamber produces 1.25 m -1.50 m (4’1″- 4’11”) diameter bales.


Credits: bm-modding: Jackaroo, rafftnix, BlackJack, fendt2000, Wopster


krone-ultima-cf-155-xc-1 krone-ultima-cf-155-xc-2 krone-ultima-cf-155-xc-3 krone-ultima-cf-155-xc-4 krone-ultima-cf-155-xc-5

Download Krone Ultima CF 155 XC for FS 15: