Multi fruit production map v2

Welcome all of u to the Production map. This area has many production outlets, greenhouse production, potato and sugerbeet washer, butcher, sheep cutter building, milking station building, compost filling plant, egg laying station. Moreover, there are over a 100 fileable items on the map as the multivitamin128 mode. Otherwise, you can find buildings and sell points, specially there is a port, grain elevator, farm shop…

Required and recommend mods:

  • Kotte_Universal_Pack

Credits: giants, pinguar, scooby, marhu, farmer andy


multi-fruit-production-map-1 multi-fruit-production-map-2 multi-fruit-production-map-3 multi-fruit-production-map-4 multi-fruit-production-map-5 multi-fruit-production-map-6

Download Multi fruit production map for FS 15:

Version 1:

Version 2: