Netherlands Special Edition 2016 v1.0

This special edition of the Netherlands map 2016. In this map, you can find 2 farms, contractor, vehicle, shop, biogass, storage for crops, traffic, village … Also, there are pigs and beef, forestry, butcher,, 2 additional outlets, compost machine at the bga, new bga silo’s, added greenhouses, potato farmer with function, beet farmer with function, added extra crops: carrot, cotton, onion, red beets, Spinach, lavender …

Required mods:



netherlands-special-edition-2016-1 netherlands-special-edition-2016-2 netherlands-special-edition-2016-3 netherlands-special-edition-2016-4 netherlands-special-edition-2016-5 netherlands-special-edition-2016-6 netherlands-special-edition-2016-7 netherlands-special-edition-2016-8 netherlands-special-edition-2016-9

Download Netherlands Special Edition 2016 for FS 15: