Westbridge Hills v4.0.4

Hi! Welcome to the edited version of the Westbridge Hills. In this version, some things have been moved, more objects have been added and a few areas opened up. Otherwise, a few mods and installed them via Giants Editor.

Here is change details:

  • Moved chicken coop area by sheep zone.
  • Added 2 Bale Storage areas lined up next to the cows shelter.
  • Slurry and Manure sell point (located at Biogas Plant).
  • Enlarged Some sheds to make them taller for equipment.
  • Added extra sheds in the North Eastern, Western, Southern fields and one additional in
  • main farm area.
  • Removed drive in theater area. Area can be used to place Greenhouses and or Beehouses.
  • Resized fields 10 and 17.
  • Redesigned the cows area.
  • Replace logFountains with water pump stations by skeleton.

Ver 4.0.4 changes:

  • Mixing Station V3.0.0 By Marhu.
  • Westbridge Storage Addon By skjatala.
  • Recreated Cowzone.
  • Moved the storage addon.
  • Moved mixing stations.
  • Moved bale storage and reduced the number by 2.
  • Moved / recreated Biogasplant area to combine the slurry and manure sell points.
  • Changed the water points to be more relistic.
  • Many other cosmetic changes.


  1. HOW TO CHANGE VIEWDISTANCE: txt doc is in with the mod explaining how to change the viewdistance.
  2. HOW TO CREATE A PDA_MAP.DDS: txt doc is in with the mod explaining how to create a pda_map.dds.

Credits: Giants Software, Marhu, skjatala, skeleton, McKnight


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Download Westbridge Hills for FS 15: