Wildcreek Valley v3.2

Hello guys! This is a small map which has been built based on a real location located in south Germany named Schwarzwald. The map has about 30 acres of farming ground and round about 20 acres of meadows and greenland. At there, you can find plants, animals such as cows, chicken and sheeps, buyable fields, small bga, equipment, …

Required mods:

  • AnimationMapTrigger
  • Manure Lime mod
  • Watermod
  • ChoppedStrawMod
  • Greennfertilizer Mod

Recommed mods:

  • BGA Extension
  • Bale Extension
  • Animal husbandry
  • StopMilkSale

Credits: notepad.cc


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Download Wildcreek Valley for FS 15: